​The founder of Focus Counselling and Consulting Services, Magda Keates is a registered counsellor and psychotherapist.

Magda’s experience and training is varied. Her qualifications include a Master of Counselling Degree from the University of Queensland, a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Diploma in Children Services. She is a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and practices in accordance with the Code of Ethics by regularly attending the required professional development and supervision.   Magda is a qualified teacher and has Full Registration with Queensland College of Teachers. She is a current holder of a "Blue Card"  which has been issued by the Queensland Government that indicates that she has been screened by the government and approved a safe person to work with children under the age of eighteen years. 

Magda is passionate about  counselling and psychotherapy and has a particular interest in helping people who suffer from chronic pain,  stress and anxiety. She has conducted research in osteoarthritis and developed a psycho-social treatment plan, involving a multidisciplinary team of other health professionals. Magda supports her clients by means of an all-inclusive approach which takes account of exercise, intellectual stimulation, mental health and wellbeing skills, nutrition, relaxation, sleep and social interactions. She also developed a web-based psycho-educational tool on Anxiety and was invited to publish this in the Neuropsychotherapy magazine.

Magda’s therapeutic orientation is based on neuropsychotherapy but also includes various other evidence-based theories. All clients are different and approaches are adapted to suit each client’s needs.  The health and wellbeing of all clients are paramount. Neuropsychotherapy is a brain-based theoretical model that focuses on the biological mechanisms that influence the manner in which humans behave and the reason for such behaviour. It is a holistic model that embraces the behavioural, cognitive, emotional, physiological, social and spiritual aspects of the client.

Prior to becoming a counselling psychotherapist, Magda has supported people in need, of all ages and abilities, from various cultural backgrounds.  As a teacher, she has taught pre-primary, primary and secondary school students, in government schools and private schools in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. In her role as a Child Safety Officer (CSO), Magda has supported several  vulnerable children (and their families) who suffered abuse and neglect.   Whilst being an assistant-in–nursing (AIN) at a private aged care facility and providing care to numerous people in the community, Magda experienced first hand how a client's pain can affect their quality of life and mood. Empathy, genuineness and active listening had a definite and positive affect on clients. 

Magda has a passion for life-long learning and her personal philosophy statement is: "Live a meaningful life!”.  She is committed to deliver ‘best practice’ treatment strategies that are scientifically recognised to support clients to achieve their goals and objectives to live a meaningful life. 

MAGDA KEATES MCOUNS (UQ)  M.A.C.A.  BA(Psych)   GDipEd   DipChnServ